Cal Delta Plumbing inc.


 Quality Service Since 1983.

California License No. 529123 | Nevada License No. 0077048

Cal Delta Plumbing inc

Servicing The Greater Sacramento Valley & Sierra Nevada's since 1983.

"We specialize in commercial plumbing applications and have dealt with multiple corporations in maintenance, repairs and construction for more than 40+ years. …Let us handle the plumbing bid, RFQ "

Cal Delta Plumbing cultivates strengthened long term customer relationships in parallel to our craft. 

As part of the PHCC association, you can depend on CDP to finish commercial plumbing services in its caliber. We are Licensed Certified Plumbing technicians that always complete your demands of your project by outstanding business-to-business rapport with clear communication and understanding.  In addendum to commercial applications NOC , it comes second nature to finish the task at hand. JOC