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Operating for over 40+ years, servicing The Greater Sacramento Valley and Sierra Nevada's

Cal Delta Plumbing incorporated has participated in non-profit charities and organizations. The ability to improve the lives of others is a privilege from a company that comes with its own sense of duties and responsibilities. The ability to be proactive in serving charities is a great way to reinforce our own Company values in a way that is genuine to our own beliefs. Company giving creates a bond, to strengthen relationships through a shared goal. To be a Good Samaritan bolsters a positive impact to our communities. Leading by example foreshadows a brighter future generation.


 Guy Tankersley

- President of CDP

Sponsored Events

A Team is essential to a strong company, Cal Delta Plumbing incorporated is a proud sponsor of numerous events and gatherings that they attend as a group to strengthen responsibilities, reasoning, and ideas in and out of the work environment...

Truckee Professional Rodeo Show - Truckee, NV - August 25, 26, 2023 -